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Red Ending...

Sunset at Gate of the Valley View Yosemite

We drove for hours before we reached the Yosemite National Park. We had at least an hour before sunset when my wife said "The sun might hide behind the mountains well before it's time for the sunset."
So we tried to hurry up our check-in process only to see a long line in front of us.
We quickly got our keys, and looked at the map to see where the Valley view was and drove at a snail pace (constructions, darn!) and we reached.
Surprisingly, there weren't many waiting. A few photographs were standing in the middle of the river. We scouted the area for a few minutes and settled at a spot, it was just big enough to fit the tripod and saw as the sun left a red shadow behind...

We were lucky there was just enough water for a nice reflection :)

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