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The Red Reflection

We braved the harsh sun, insects and large mosquitoes (I am not kidding) as we waited for couple of hours to see the sun set behind the Grand Tetons.

A beaver from the beaver-dam near by swam, unafraid of us humans lurking around.

From various view points, the Grand Teton and it’s neighboring mountains tower upon you. But as you get closer to them via Schwabachers Landing, it seems like the Tetons get smaller. A little after the sunset, clouds turned a fiery red, for just for couple of minutes before the blue dusk took over.

Photography along with travel, has made us experience and admire some amazing moments. Like Calvin tells Hobbes "It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy...let's go exploring!"

We packed up to return the next morning.

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From Grand Tetons