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Take off

It was a rather gloomy and grey afternoon and we stopped at Wilhelmina Bay in Antarctica. The conditions for the zodiacs were good, calm ocean and almost no winds but the fog limited our visibility. We had no idea what we were going to see. On top of it, it started to snow. Bundled up, we hopped on to the zodiac and we were off. Our ship, disappeared behind the thick fog and other zodiacs were mere spots across this clam ocean.

"We spotted a whale" someone said on the radio. Our zodiac driver took us to the what seemed like the middle of no where. He turned off the engine and other zodiacs near by followed suit. We were rolling our eyes wondering "Whales? Really". And then it happened. Scores of humpbacks just popped out of the ocean, a few, right next our zodiac.

Then they were off on their hunting expedition as they disturbed all the seagulls swimming on the ocean. I focused on the Whale and took several shots. This was a lucky shot and one of my favorite photos from this trip.

Being in-midst of these gentle giants made us care for them, made us care for our Earth in whatever minute way possible.

This picture was showcased in National Geographic's Yourshot Editors spotlight:

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From Wilhelmina Bay